"To build our church and take God's word to the people."

CHRIST CHURCH - Anglican Parish of Longford/Perth and Illawarra, Tasmania.

Services At Christ Church Longford

Sundays:  9.00 am (During summer) 9.30am (winter)Holy Communion.


Services at Illawarra:

First Sunday (Holy Communion) and Third Sunday (Morning Prayer) at 11.00am. (1662 Prayer Book) Services commence February 16th 2020.

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Open Door

Open door is held at the Church Thursday morning 10am – 12noon. Bring your own craft and conversation. Convenor Mrs. Bobby Colgrave.

Parish Offices

The Parish  Office is located in the Church Hall.  It is open each Tuesday 9.00am – 12.00noon, when Jenny Williams is in attendance.

Please call in during these hours to discuss any issues.



Rev. Edrick Corban-Banks

Email Here   Tel: 0400 296 777

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Parish Secretary

Jenny Williams.

Jenny is at the Parish Office Tuesday mornings 9.00am – 12.00noon only.

Tel:     03-6391 2982

Christ Church Illawarra

Services:  First Sunday (Holy Communion 1662);   Third Sunday (Morning Prayer 1662).  N.B: No Services in January. 

Historical Information about Illawarra Church:

Parish Council

Parish Council meet monthly on the 2nd Tuesday of each month.


Rev. Edrick Corban-Banks (Chair). Chris Pullin (Rector’s warden), Peter Hoyle (Churchwarden), Ralph Barnes (Churchwarden), Rev. Peter Johnson, Martin Dumaresq, James McCormick,

Parish Treasurer: Jenny Ivey.

Parish Secretary: Jenny Williams.

Synod Representatives: Ro Chisholm. Isobelle Bratton.

Fete co-ordinator: Glenys Joyes.

Concert Secretary: Jenny Williams (email:  jennywill@bigpond.com)

Parish Cemeteries

The Parish has cemeteries at Longford, Bishopsbourne, Perth and Illawara. Details of graves can be found by accessing the Website of the Northern Midlands council:-


Go to Home page > Community > Cemeteries > Online Registry Enquiry

Longford is closed to new burials but ashes and memorials can be placed. Bishopsbourne and Illawara can have new ‘family’ burials and Perth has room for new plots. Records are kept and bookings for new plots can be made at the parish Office.

Headstone Photographs

Christ Church Hall

This historic building has recently been completely refurbished by the hall restoration committee. It has been fully lined and insulated. The north corner has been underpinned. The windows have been restored with laminated glass. The rear door has been repaired and a new roof fitted to the alcove giving an alternative entrance.

There is a commodious and up to date kitchen with all catering facilities.  Electronic media presentation equipment is available. There are folding tables and comfortable seating for up to 80 people.

The hall may be hired for social occasions which need not necessarily be church related.  For hall hire phone:  Clare 6391 1307



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Christ Church Longford

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Phone: (Office) 6391 2982
Phone: (Rector) 0400 296 777