Church Building Heritage

Learn more about our historic church. 

"To build our church and take God's word to the people."

The fundraising committee is chaired by Glenys Joyes.

     Our outgoing expenses in this parish consistently exceed our regular income and we rely on fundraising activities not only for projects, but also to balance the budget.  Please talk to Glenys if you have any ideas.

     The Annual Church Fair will be held on Sat. 17th February in the church grounds. Glenys is in charge.  Please help as usual if you can on the day or provide cakes or garden produce.  See the News Bulletin.

     Karolina has successfully run a "Small is beautiful" art exhibition in the church hall in November and is looking for suggestions and offers of help in 2018..    Watch here for future activities.

Impacting all people with God’s love and equipping them to fulfil their destiny in Christ



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