Church Building Heritage

Learn more about our historic church. 

"To build our church and take God's word to the people."

Parish Council meet monthly on the 2nd Tuesday of each month. 



Rev. Edrick Corban-Banks (Chair). Chris Pullin (Rector's warden), Peter Hoyle (Churchwarden), David Bellette (Churchwarden), Jenny Ivey (Treasurer), Martin Dumaresq (Illawarra), Brian Smith, Dianne Bevan, Ralph Barnes, Jenny Williams (Parish Secretary).

Synod Representatives: Karolina Smith, Ro Chisholm.



Fundraising/Fete: Glenys Joyes (Chair), Ro Chisholm, Edrick Corban-Banks.

Concert Secretary: Jenny Williams (email:

Impacting all people with God’s love and equipping them to fulfil their destiny in Christ



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